Who I am

Hello! My name is Polina, welcome to my blog about foreign languages and language learning.

Originally from Moscow, I found myself immersed in the world of languages at an early age. After moving to Barcelona in 2011, Spanish and Catalan quickly became essential tools for my survival and adaptation. These early experiences shaped my passion and curiosity for language learning, leading me to immerse myself in German during my secondary education and, later on, to expand my linguistic repertoire.

Today, I am fluent in five languages: Russian, Spanish, Catalan, English and German, with a working knowledge of French. I have had the privilege of living in countries that have allowed me to practice each of these languages, from my training in Law and German in Liverpool to my university exchange in Germany.

With over 3 years of experience teaching languages and 5 years working as a translator and interpreter, I combine my practical and academic experience to create enriching content in multiple languages. Through my blog, I seek to share my approach to language learning, cultural curiosities and much more. And, as an anecdotal tip, never try to learn French numbers through German!

The language levels I am proficient in


Level C2 – mother tongue

Spanish is like a superpower. No matter where I am, I always find someone to chat with. In fact, in Germany, I had a hard time finding someone to practice the language with because everyone spoke Spanish!


Level C2 – mother tongue

Russian gives me comfort and naturalness in expressing my thoughts. But sometimes I spout Russian expressions that leave people wondering, “what did he say? Like when I say that “everyone has their own cockroaches in their head” and I simply mean that we all have our mental coils.


Level C1 – advanced level

Arriving in Liverpool was a shock – that scouse accent! I thought: “Is this really English? But now, not only do I understand it perfectly, but I even drop a “love” here and there, like any local, when addressing a stranger.


Level C1 – advanced level

My year in Germany was a rollercoaster ride. At the beginning, I didn’t dare order a cappuccino, and by the end, I was even arguing with Vodafone on the phone in German! This evolution made me feel that I can do anything.


Level C2 – mother tongue

Catalan, with its richness and complexity, was a challenge at the beginning. I consider it more complicated than Spanish, and the line between the two is sometimes thin. However, I respect its individuality and history, and I always seek to express myself in pure and authentic Catalan.


Level A2 – basic level

French and I have a “let’s give it a try” relationship. I have had sporadic moments of learning and, although Catalan and Spanish give me a hand in reading comprehension, in writing they do more harm than good. My teacher almost threw in the towel when she saw so many Spanish and Catalan expressions in my written exams.

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