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Discover the Joy of Learning Spanish with Polina Ivanova: Tailored Lessons for All Levels by a Native Speaker

¡Hola! I am Polina, and my passion is teaching the fascinating Spanish language to English speakers. With a mission to ensure that each of my students builds a solid foundation of knowledge, I have transformed Spanish language teaching, digitalizing the best of the teaching materials and creating interactive presentations.

These cover everything from grammar to comprehension exercises, including reading and speaking practice. This allows my classes to be dynamic and engaging, far from boring traditional methods and more suited to a productive environment. 

My cheerful and sociable character allows me to adapt to the individual pace and way of perception of each student, providing the most comfortable conditions for their immersion in a new language. 

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Polina Ivanova Liverpool
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Services provided

General Spanish Clases and Tutoring, Conversational Spanish Sessions, Exam Preparation

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Preferred Student Age

I am happy to teach students of any age, adapting my lessons to fit their specific needs.

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Students' Level

Beginner or advanced, every Spanish learner is warmly welcomed for customized, engaging lessons

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10/2020 – Present
Multilingual Private Language Teacher

As a multilingual teacher, I have been offering personalized Spanish, German, and Russian classes to different types of learners. My approach adapts to each student’s unique goals, from mastering a new language from scratch to intensive exam preparations, ensuring progress regardless of their initial proficiency level.

03/2022 – 05/2022
Language Teacher Assistant at The Mosslands School

In Liverpool’s secondary school, I enhanced Spanish and French lessons by developing engaging materials and revision aids, directly applying my university language teaching studies. This role involved collaborating closely with teachers to support diverse student groups, effectively enhancing their language skills.

08/2018 – Present
Freelance Content Writer, Translator, and Proofreader

My professional background includes proofreading for European Foundation of Human Rights, translating for Spain’s leading electricity company, Endesa, and localizing popular games like “Hoosegow: Prison Survival”. I also specialize in creating multilingual SEO-optimized content and SMM strategies for diverse industries. For a detailed overview of my projects and skills, feel free to explore my Upwork portfolio.

Subjects Taught

Fundamentals: Spanish Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation

Conversational Spanish

Spanish Culture and History

Exam Preparation

Customized Lessons

Test Prep

GCSE Spanish

A-Level Spanish



IB Spanish

Cambridge IGCSE Spanish

What I Offer


Beginners to Advanced

From the basics of the language to advanced concepts, each language course is tailored to your current level thanks to the flexibility of my materials.


Content Adapted for English Speakers

All materials and teaching methods are specially selected to facilitate learning for English-speaking students.


Ongoing Feedback and Support

I provide constant monitoring and support to ensure your progress and resolve any doubts in your private language lessons.

Various Ages and Goals

Whether you are a young learner, a professional looking for additional language skills, or a language enthusiast, my classes are designed for you.

Comprehensive Approach

I combine grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural elements, providing a complete understanding of the target language.

Advanced Educational Technology

I use interactive presentations and digital resources to make learning more engaging and effective.

Hourly Pricing

Interested in my rates? Below is my table of basic hourly prices, designed to cater to various learning requirements and schedules. Take a look to find the option that best fits your journey in Spanish learning.

General Questions


What is the first step?

Contact me to register your interest, assess your language level and discuss your goals.

When can I join your classes?

I am accepting students all year long and offer a flexible schedule. Just drop me a message and we can discuss the availability.

Are Spanish lessons online or in-person?

I meanly focus on online Spanish teaching, but if you are in Liverpool (the UK), we can schedule in-person classes.

Do you teach kids?

Yes! I offer language tutoring for kids aimed at helping them with school syllabus, homework, and exam preparation.

What about the payment?

You can find the updated prices on this page, and we can arrange the payment schedule/way that is comfortable for you.

What is the duration of each class?

For adults, I recommend lessons lasting 1.5 hours. For kids, a shorter duration of 1 hour is often more suitable. Ideally, classes should be taken twice a week to maintain a good learning pace.

What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

Life can be unpredictable sometimes, and I understand the need for spontaneous plan changes. Therefore, I offer a flexible rescheduling policy. With a 24-hour notice, you can reschedule your class within the same month. But, if a cancellation happens with little notice, the class will be considered delivered.

Why learn Spanish in Liverpool?

Diverse Cultural Landscape

Historical and Modern Fusion

Educational and Cultural Hub

Gateway to New Experiences

Liverpool is unique character is shaped by its diverse mix of cultures. This cosmopolitan city is home to communities from around the globe, creating an amazing environment to learn new languages. By choosing to learn Spanish here, you are not just gaining language skills; you are becoming part of a global community, right in the heart of one of the UK’s most international cities.

As a city that prides itself on its historical significance, from its maritime heritage to its role in the arts, Liverpool also thrives on innovation and modernity. The city’s historical roots and contemporary flair create a stimulating space that fosters learning and personal growth. It is a place where tradition and innovation walk hand in hand, reflecting the timeless relevance of learning a language as rich and evolving as Spanish. 

With its prestigious universities, world-class museums, and array of cultural festivals, Liverpool is a hub for education and the arts. The city’s educational institutions and cultural events provide ample opportunities for immersive language experiences and practice. As you explore the Spanish language, you will find that Liverpool itself is an open classroom, offering endless opportunities to learn, engage, and grow. 

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Learning Spanish in Liverpool is more than an educational choice; it is a gateway to new experiences. Whether it is conversing with native speakers, enjoying Latin American and Spanish cuisine, or diving into the cultural offerings of the city, your language journey will be as rich and varied as Liverpool itself. 

In Liverpool, every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to connect with different cultures, and to see the world through a broader lens. I invite you to be part of this journey, to learn Spanish and to discover the many colours of Liverpool along the way.


Contact Me

Have questions or ready to start your Spanish learning journey? Feel free to reach out! I’m here to help with any inquiries or to assist in setting up your first lesson. Let’s connect and take the first step towards your language goals.



+44 7918 329 441

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